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Project A command-line based audio CD track ripper and MP3, FLAC, or Ogg Vorbis encoder
License GNU General Public License
Platform Linux and UNIX in general (see requirements)
Author Gregory J. Smethells  (
Last Update Jan 15th, 2003
Specification Command-line based ripper of audio CD tracks to either Motion Picture Experts Group Layer 3 (MP3) files, to Ogg Vorbis files, or to FLAC files that requires no user intervention between steps of ripping and encoding.
Implementation Perl script which groups the strengths of other powerful tools and provides a common interface across several different ripper and encoder implementations.
Notes I would believe that you probably already have all required tools on your system. Perhaps, even the CDDB/CDDB_get and MP3::Info perl modules. However, not everyone will have them installed by their distribution, therefore, I have included a tarball of these modules in my releases. You can get them on your own as well. Just thought I'd save you the trouble. Installation notes for those packages can be found in the file README.

You only need one of bladeenc, lame, notlame, or gogo if you plan to rip to MP3. Likely you already have one of those. If you plan to rip to Ogg Vorbis, you will need the *newest* version of oggenc installed. Likewise, if you want to rip to FLAC, you will need flac installed on your system.

For CD track ripping, I'll be amazed if cdparanoia isn't on your system by default (assuming you run Linux). Otherwise there is always cdda2wav. I will further be amazed if perl isn't on your system by default. So, likely all you might need to install, other than rip, is CDDB/CDDB_get and MP3::Info. Those go in pretty easily. Read the README for more information and detailed notes.

Change Log View the CHANGELOG.
Screenshots See a screenshot of the output of a "rip --help".
See a screenshot of the output of a "rip -ZOS -f".
See a screenshot of the output of a "rip -SP".
Future Plans

I have no idea why I decided to finally make some changes per request to rip tonight but I did. Read the CHANGELOG. Test it out. Tell me if I'm all washed up that I think the quote problem is finally solved. Thanks to those who sent me patches. And thanks to those people who actually email me for no reason just to say thanks for working on this for free. It's you who make me actually sit down and do more work on rip when I'd really rather go out.

If you find a bug, do not hesitate to tell me how it happens and I will be sure to take a look at it. Remember that you can add a "-D" flag at the command-line and rip will leave a /tmp/rip-stderr file with debugging info in it. That is very useful to me when tracking down bugs. Also, if you feel you have a good suggestion for a feature or an adjustment to an existing feature, do not hesitate to email me. Thanks to all those individuals who have contributed to rip's growth thus far. Your fixes and suggestions are much appreciated.

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